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The Butler County Sheriff’s Office and County Commissioners consist of four divisions: Administrative services, Corrections division, Criminal investigations, and, the Patrol Division. In 2002 The Butler County Corrections Center opened a 40 million dollars Maximum Security Jail that houses more than 750 prisoners. The Butler County Operational Headquarters and Corrections Center houses all Departmental Headquarters and the Butler County Jail.

The Administrative Services Division provides the community with copies of Police Reports and automobile accident reports. Warrants can be filed here following an arrest and calling upon witness to testify if needed. The Administrative Services Division of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office makes sure that the arduous task of serving the Courts and the Citizens of the Butler County is conducted properly and in a timely manner

Corrections division hosts the Jail in Butler County. Prisoners are expected to work during incarceration. This modern Jail Facility is one of the few State Approved Minimum Security Jail Facilities in the Resolutions Jail. The facility strives to reduce inmate recidivism through education, programming and work details.

Criminal investigations Division is comprised of men and women who work relentlessly to capture and bring suspects to trial. This includes the Bomb squad, Adult investigations, s.o.r.n (sexual offender & registration notification), and, the Evidence room.

The Patrol Division handles the following services: Aviation unit, Crime prevention, Marine patrol, Swat, and, Road patrol. The SWAT team has 18 part-time members, two negotiators and four snipers. The Marine Patrol Unit is one of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office “Emergency Services Units”. The Water Rescue unit is responsible for recovery (dragging) operations that stem mostly from drowning. In addition, The Marine Patrol’s has a primary Rescue/Recovery boat that is equipped with a sonar unit to show bottom terrain and can pick up a body that is suspended off the bottom.

Contact information:
Butler County Sheriff's Office,
705 Hanover Street,
Hamilton, OH. 45011,
Phone: 513-785-1000.

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