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Butler County was established on March 24, 1803 when the General Assembly of the State of Ohio "An act for the division of the counties of Hamilton and Ross". Butler County was named after General Richard Butler, a heroic soldier of the Revolution. He was one of a family of brothers who were active in the Revolutionary struggle and was native of Pennsylvania. He lost his life in the memorable defeat of St. Clair by the Indians.

On February 15, 1808, the Legislature established the county of Preble, (Laws of Ohio, Vol. VI, page 164) and made its south boundary a line beginning at the southwest corner of the sixth township in the first range east of the meridian drawn from the month of the Great Miami River (the northwest corner of the college township); thence east along the township line to the range line between the third and fourth ranges; thus cutting off from the county of Butler, on the north, about one tier and a half of sections.

The north boundary line of Butler County, as originally established, struck the Miami River on the west side, about two miles above the town of Franklin, opposite where the protection wall, on the east side of the river above Vanderveer’s mill, has since been made, at the time the Miami Canal was constructed. On January 30, 1815, the Legislature passed a law attaching that part of Butler County which lay within the first and second fractional townships in the fifth range to the county of Warren, (Laws of Ohio, Vol. XIII, page 109.) and which now comprehends that portion of Franklin Township, Warren County, lying west of the Great Miami River; thus reducing the county of Butler to its present dimensions.


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